lizzie-spreadsheetsI’m Lizzie, and I’m delighted to meet you.

Having worked in the creative and arts industry in all sorts of roles for my whole career, in 2014 I decided it was high time I brought my wealth of experience and love of spreadsheets, lists and detail to admin-hating creative businesses everywhere.

Does your business often feel like a browser window with 4,302 windows open all the time? I take all the admin you really wish you didn’t have to do, and coax it into submission – so you can focus your time and energy on the parts of your business you’re best at.

I love working with and organising creative people, and making sense of the chaos that can creep up on a business – so you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the detail is in safe hands.


A good administrator for creative businesses needs more than just a love of stationery and being able to write a killer ‘to do’ list (though I excel at both of these)!

My experience as an Event and Stage Manager, Production Administrator, Theatre Consultant and General Manager means I really understand your creative vision and can tailor a service which helps you develop it further, hassle-free.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects and honed a range of skills, which in practical terms could mean:

  • Stepping in when your inbox is overwhelming
  • Creating a spreadsheet to explain and analyse your customer data
  • Working with you in strategic writing for business development
  • Writing press releases

It’s impossible to write a comprehensive list of my services as what I do will depend on you!

Every business is unique and has different needs; I want to really get to know you and your business before offering the appropriate system or level of service.


As Bob Hoskins once said…!

The best way for me to find out how I can help you is by talking to you.   

To check we’re the right fit, we start with a free 30 minute conversation where you tell me all about your business, your vision and the kind of thing you’d like to pass over to me.

This helps me get a feel for who you are, what your business is really like, and the best way to go about helping you.

I will then put together a proposal with a detailed time frame and costing for you to look over.  If you are happy then away we go!


… designing spreadsheets and writing lists,  I like dancing with the Love You Burlesque, hanging out with my mister, reading books , eating steak and dark chocolate  (not together!), cycling around my hometown of Colchester and watching boxsets.

Happy Creating!