‘Be organised, be intuitive and always carry a pen’…..was the advice of my tutor whilst I was doing my post-graduate stage management training.  Now as I embark on my new venture, I realise how this advice can be applied to almost everything you do in life!  Seriously, try and think of something…..

  • Choosing a university course
  • Online dating
  • Ordering a coffee in Starbucks (there is nothing worse than being at the front of the queue and not knowing what you want, and you can write you own name on the cup!)

Obviously, you can do all of those things and more perfectly adequately without following this advice, but they have stood me in good stead for over 15 years and I will continue to use them.

So let me formally introduce you to my new venture – Welcome to Lizzie Cheeld Creative Admin –  you have found my blog (good start!).  Having worked in the Creative Arts Industry since 2001 as a Stage Manager, Theatre Consultant, Administrator and General Manager, I realised how much I had learnt about what people need around to be Creative – someone who is organised, intuitive and always carries a pen!

I would never describe myself as creative, I can’t sing and people run in the other direction when I suggest playing Pictionary at Christmas; but actually I have spent most of my career enabling creativity from other people – therefore does that mean I am also a ‘Creative’ person?

So without repeating the entire ‘Services’ page from my website, what can I tell you is that Lizzie Cheeld Creative Admin to here to make it easier for your creativity to flourish.  That might mean designing a system to organise your contacts, responding to your emails or designing a kick arse spreadsheet that analyses all the amazing customer data you have collected over the years.  Please get in touch, every business is wonderfully different and I am excited to work with you on your business.

No first blog would be complete the obligatory Oscar thank you speech at the end right? Here’s a few marvellous people who need a mention

My crazy family, who have made me who I am.

The man who makes me smile every day – Andy Parker

Jem Ayres of the Burlesque Jems who helped me celebrate being me.

Special mentions goes to the Carla Watkins who not only inspired and advised me,  designed me an amazing website but had done it at such speed that there were sparks coming off her laptop!

Hooray to all of the above,  hooray for me and my new venture and hooray for you lovely creative and arty types.

Happy Creating !