Picture the scene, you are sitting at your desk happily ploughing on with your task list and enjoying your 3rd cuppa of the day.  The phone rings and it is your boss:

“Lizzie I am going to need you to present to the board at the meeting on Friday.  I have sent you notes, you know the project better than I do, so it made sense for you to do instead of me”.

Cue dry throat….shaky hands……profuse sweating…..

If the thought of speaking in public, in front of colleagues and being the centre of attention in any way fills you with dread and fear then this is the blog for you.  Yes you!  Hiding behind the laptop trying not to get noticed.

My name is Lizzie Cheeld from Lizzie Cheeld Creative Admin.  In February 2015 I met with Chris Grady of Chris Grady Coaching for a business coaching session.  He introduced me to The Art of Being Heard (AOBH). The AOBH is run by national trainer Dr Kath Burlinson and Chris Grady and is quite simply is the only personal impact course you will ever need.

Since 2008 they have offered executive coaching and development in both the public and commercial sectors, helping individuals and companies to maximise their impact, envision their futures and attain peak performance.

The AOBH deals with how you can make an impact through your communication and presentation skills.  I realised that as a newly formed business – I had to a find a way attending this course.

So on the 5th August 2015, I found myself heading down the A12 at a not very traffic friendly time of day.   The sun is shining, work is going well and I am on my way to my first Business course as Lizzie Cheeld Creative Admin.  Having read the booking info the previous night, the course markets itself as being able to:

‘Improves personal impact in preparation for key business meetings and presentations to influencers or clients’

What I connected with more were these statements:

  • What you say matters.
  • How you say it matters.
  • But how it is heard by your audience matters most.
  • We offer the chance to learn the Art of Being Heard.

As a piece of marketing, it was powerful, effective and really struck a cord with me and the portrayal of Lizzie Cheeld Creative Admin that I wanted to create.  Bring it on I thought!

7 hours later, I was heading back up the A12 to Colchester.  How was I feeling?  Apart from tired and full of tea – I was feeling inspired!

  • Inspired to communicate
  • Inspired to speak
  • Inspired to be the best presenter I could possibly be

I am an active learner, I have to understand ‘why’ I am doing something in order to learn from it.  Without giving too much away, the AOBH allowed me the space to practice, understand and analyse how people communicate and how I can have impact in the way I present in business and everyday life.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough, it is relevant to all aspects of business communicating whatever stage you are at in your journey and who and why you are presenting and communicating with.  My business is now nearly 18 months old and the skills I learnt on that sunny August day are still relevant, still successful and most importantly allow me to have impact in my business and in my life.   Make an investment in the way you communicate, learn about the Art of Being Heard.

Since attending the course last summer, I have become more involved in championing the course and spreading the word about its benefits to the local business community.  If you would like to learn more or talk to me about how the course will be relevant for you and your business please get in touch by emailing me – lizzie@lccreativeadmin.co.uk ,or you could email Chris Grady directly on chrisgradyorg@gmail.com

 The next course is running in at the Theatricool Studio in Colchester on Thursday 5th May from 10am.  There are still a couple of places available so what are you waiting for?