I love Stationery

I am not  ashamed to admit this.  When I was a jobbing Stage Manager in London, my favourite parts of a new job were going out and buying notebooks, pens and pencils and putting together the prompt copy.  There is nothing that makes me happier that browsing stationery shops and finding the perfect Post it notes  *other brands are available.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate to some post it notes……….


I use post it notes for everything!  I am mean EVERYTHING! I have different sizes for every occasion:

  • Large ones for labelling documents
  • Smaller ones for referencing books
  • Writing cheeky and loving notes to my other half

I love them so much, I even made a feature  of them on my website….look!

Anyway, I digress….back to stationary…….

I think one of the main reason for writing this blog was that I have now been working for myself for over 6 months now and I am now confident with my project planning and organising my workload – which believe me with 5 clients all with different deadlines to me was a lot harder than I thought.

The thing that hasn’t changed is my love of a paper diary.  I was mocked at my previous work for my use of a paper diary “You do know it’s 2015 don’t you?” .  The truth is that the act of writing things down makes me remember stuff, I process it better, and ultimately finding something that works for you is the only thing that is important right?

When buying a paper diary difficult decisions ultimately have to made.

What size?

What colour?

A week to view or a day to view?

Shared with personal or work only?

Academic or calendar year?

This last question is the decision I struggle the most with, whatever you choose you will inevitably having to carry around 2 diaries at some point, during the ‘changeover’ months.  It all depends when you busiest time of the year.  In relative terms, I am just starting out which really means I am busy ALL THE TIME – which is good right???? I think……apart from the inability to say no……but that is another blog post.

Right I leave you with a picture of my paper diary


Paper or electric, scraps of paper, hiring a VA, in your head or just waiting for someone to phone you and tell you are supposed to be somewhere – personally I would not not recommend this last one – just do what works for you and I have learnt that an Academic, week to view, paper diary is the key to the organisation of my world…..

Happy creating……..

Lizzie xx