Back from Maternity leave and ready to rock your Admin world!

Hey folks, it’s been a while! This January marked my six year anniversary of starting my business and I thought I would start by telling you what I have been up for the past 12 months. The main thing being that I had a baby! Emily arrived on the 11th April 2019 (a fashionably 2 days late) and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind ever since. I could fill this blog with photos of her awesomeness, but I suspect baby cuteness is not the reason you found this site (however if you want to have a look at the future CEO of LCCA then check out my instagram page ).

So back to business! From a business point of view this is what has changed:

  • I have a new studio space at Ardleigh Studios – I mainly use it for my choreography & workshop development for Love You Burlesque but lets face it – Admin is an art of it’s very own…..
  • I am also working with fabulous new client – Sam Luxford runs NaviStitch and is a fellow studio holder. She has had an amazing 12 months herself with a expansion, a Pop up Shop at Fenwicks in Colchester as well as all of the regular events & fairs that she takes part in.
  • I have joined a new networking group called Pop Connect Being out of the loop for 12 months has meant that I wanted to dip my toe into the world of networking slowly. Some of them can be a bit intense (yes you know who you are!) but having visited the Colchester group in February I knew it was the one for me – when you know you know!
  • Finally I have relaunched my VA packages on my website. These are a fabulous way to give working with a VA a try without committing. it’s a perfect way to kick start a project or unclutter the admin parts of your business that has been driving you mad for months.

What hasn’t changed is my love of Admin, being Creative and helping get the best out of your business – Please do get in touch to talk about what you might need, I am looking forward to working with you.